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Team-Coach Training

What's Team-Coaching?

team coaching

A Team-Coach Supports, facilitates and encourages

  • Full collaboration between a group of people, towards a shared goal
  • Planning, starting, delivering and handing over projects successfully 
  • Re-grouping, reviewing and learning from experience
  • Such that the team implements improvements as a result

Top performing teams outperform average ones by 42%

Yet the solutions aren't just about performance.  A high-performing team is also about good leadership. And great leadership isn't just about the individual leader.   It taps into the strengths and resources of every team member.  Team engagement is vital too - with everyone buying in to shared success. Your team-coaching skills can make a positive difference to any team

95% of organisations have plans to introduce team coaching  - here's your opportunity to build on your existing coaching, training and facilitation skills.

Team-coaching skills

The 5 essential elements of team focus:

  •     High Performance
  •     Team Pride
  •     Good Communications
  •     Visionary Leadership

The 3 key relationships:

  • The Team Leader
  • The Team Members
  • The Customers

Understanding Team Dynamics:

  • Personal Style vs. What the Team Needs
  • High Performing Behaviours
  • Leadership Styles
  • Creating and Growing the Team

Team-coach training

Training Methods

Delivered in-person at our international centres, combined with a blend of live teleconferences and online learning at your own pace, through our dedicated Learning Centre.

Use your Coaching Skills in a team environment:

Learn how to support teams to excel through -

  • Alignment – unifying purpose, coherent direction, and shared values
  • Execution - getting the right things done at pace, connecting with each other, engaging and inspiring stakeholders
  • Renewing – successful teams refresh themselves, keep learning  and adapting for the future

Dynamic and energising - for the coach and the team!

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Fully accredited by the International Coach Federation

Team-Coach Training is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation

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Team-coaching training with the Forton Group

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