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Get the best out of your talented people

People really are at the heart of organisations – they are your most valuable asset. You need to nurture them, keep the best and grow new talent.  Our goal here at The Forton Group is to support you to build successful organisations, with people engaged and fulfilled in their work.  One key element of that is managing your talent pool. Even with the global economic challenges, when jobs are scarce, you could still lose your best people.

In fact, if people suspect your organisation is in trouble, then, even when times are tough, the best ones will be looking to move on – and they’ll find it easiest. Hiring from outside is rarely as successful as developing your own people. And if you don’t nurture the talent you already have, when the job market picks up, they’ll remember and they’ll move.

Develop your talent through the 4D Model4Dweb

Here's the four steps we recommend to create a systematic and objective talent development programme

Define 'talent'

Who you want in your talent pool?

Some organisations define all their employees as talent, while others are more selective.  

Some allow self nomination and others use the line managers or HR to nominate people.


Use a combination of assessment techniques to gauge strengths and development areas.

Check whether your nominees should really be in the talent pool (regardless of who nominated them).


Produce individual development plans for everyone; at the same time, stretch the abilities of  talent pool candidates.  

Provide structured learning programmes and find ways to nurture & optimise the talent of those not in the pool.

Grow their generalist leadership skills so that they can operate effectively across the organisation.


Where vacancies arise, the talent pool should always be searched for suitable candidates.  

And, when special projects arise, use your talent pool to innovate.  

Support deployment with 1-1 and group coaching programmes, and action learning methods (in-person or live-virtual).