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Wander Woman, Marcia Reynolds PsychD

Wander Woman imageI was lucky enough to have a preview of this book in its final draft stages and quickly realised how important it is for women in leadership positions, or with the potential and ambition to achieve these roles.

As women go through their careers, they are beset by many challenges: their loyalty to family challenged by their commitment and loyalty to their employer being just one of many.  Yet as Marcia points out, there is a new generation of high-achieving, confident and driven women.  As well as multi-tasking and juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, these women are restless to achieve yet more.

I recognised Marcia's picture both in myself and the women I coach: was this because I love working with talented and ambitious people, or because there's a wider picture of women moving from job to job in search of the elusive 'something more'?

There's a business rationale for retaining and developing talented people: with recruitment costs so high and retention rates low - even in financially-challenging times.  Retaining our best women leaders will reap benefits if we take the time to understand their specific issues.

Marcia talks about the roots of that restlessness and how to make conscious choices about our careers - to strategise rather than react to unplanned events.  Marcia's ability to provide tools and exercises will help women plan their careers better - and enable coaches and those who support and develop women leaders to be better aware of the issues that affect them.

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