Chris Hutchinson is an organisational coach and leadership expert. More importantly he’s a pragmatist who fights against over-complication and poor systems. Chris set out to create a framework for leaders that helps make things better; one that stops people feeling talked down to by so-called leadership 'experts'.

Buy Ripple on AmazonIn the interview he talks about he started with the metaphor of the game of marbles where one ‘big-hitter’ directs the smaller marbles. This shifted to the more expansive metaphor of the ripple – which became his big idea.

You can listen to an exclusive interview with Chris, below.


The ripple is based on a lifelong journey of leadership and learning – where the experience ripples out to the people around the leader.
His fundamental idea is that “As a leader, your actions, starting with your own state of being, affect how other people work on an individual level and your organisation.”

To make this idea accessible to his readers, he’s created six principles, under three headings.

Create ripples by leading yourself

1. Leaders’s effectiveness is proportional to how well they know themselves
2. Leaders are judged more by what they don’t than by what they do

Create ripples by leading others

3. People discover their best selves through being respected by a leader
4. People multiply a leaders power only as much as that power is shared

Create ripples by leading the organisation

5. Organisations are designed to get the results they are getting
6. Organisations generating waste are generating opportunities for improvement

He also offers a quick diagnostic guide – which is invaluable when we’re in the middle of events and need some way to make sense of what’s happening around us. He calls these ‘presenting symptoms’ and so you can look up an issue, see which description fits best and go to the practice that best matches those symptoms. You can apply the learning immediately.

So, whatever kind of leader you are, if you need a pragmatic book on leadership, written in a clear, well-organised way, this book is for you.