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Outsmart Your Brain - Marcia Reynolds

Hear Marcia talking about Emotional Congruence and Leadership 

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Outsmart Your Brain: click here to orderI'll always be grateful to Dr. Marcia Reynolds for opening up my eyes to the topic of Emotional Intelligence.  This book is readable, easy to apply at work, and soundly based on neuroscience.  It continues to remind me of this important subject, which is invaluable for leadership development and coaching.

We don't know who first raised the topic of multiple intelligences; some say Aristotle; many people know about Daniel Goleman's academic work on the topic and others point to Howard Gardner as another leader in this field.  The beauty of living in the 21st Century is that we have access to the surviving works of all these people and can make up our own minds.

And knowing our own minds is where this book comes in: understanding how our brain works and using that knowledge to appreciate our emotional responses - and start to use them for our own benefit and for the benefit of others.

Whatever you call it - Employee engagement, Talent Management or Influencing Skills, Leaders need to build relationships to succeed.  Whether this is upward management, workign with colleagues, team members, or wider stakeholders, we use relationships to get the best out of others and to get on.

In this book Marcia shows what it takes to be emotionally intelligent in the real world: aligning our head with our heart - showing us the cost of suppressing our emotions and the business benefits of being able to express our emotions - appropriately.

We recommend this book when we train coaches and leaders in becoming aware of and managing their emotions, because it's practical and down to earth.  It helps leaders improve their decision-making skills, it increases innovation and creativity, and it helps unlock possibility in problem-solving.

The book is full of Marcia's own stories, tools and guidelines to help you build your own EQ, and help others to develop theirs.

When I first trained with Marcia, nearly ten years ago, I recognised that I was starting on a journey from a very low base line: I knew I had a long way to go, and that this was going to be a lifetime practice.  I'm glad to say that, however far I've grown my EQ (and I'm sure there's plenty of people who'd say I've got a huge way to go), it's had massive benefits in my professional and personal life.

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