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Marketing Communications: PR Smith and Ze Zook

Marketing Communications Integrating Online and Offline Customer Engagement and Digital Technologies

The authors have set out to provide the definitive marketing communications resource and this 6th edition brings together traditional marketing tenets and the perceived wisdom of the digital age. They show convincingly that these complementarily support a deeper insight into customer behaviour and widen the possible marketing responses.


This is a big book in every sense, crammed with information; fortunately, well laid out and backed up by concise features and case studies. Whilst it largely covers the fundamentals of marketing, I particularly like how it connects traditional thinking with the new tools available to us – for example, the use of CRM systems – and the links to other disciplines, like psychology (in the chapters about buyer behaviour, communications theory and customer research). Furthermore, there is much in this book that talks to the world of internal communications and employee engagement – not, I think, necessarily intended by the authors.

Backed by theory, there is much in this reference book that can be easily applied in business situations. For practitioners – whether experienced general managers or burgeoning marketing specialists - this book offers a wealth of insight, and readers can dip in and out to find information of immediate application in the business world.


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