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Leading out Loud by Terry Pearce

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Terry Pearce is an international expert on inspiring change through authentic leadership communications.  More than a speechwriter, Terry is a leadership coach and mentor.  He helps others to shine, communicate well and get their messages across.

This is a book about how the best leaders communicate, what they communicate and how they create a platform for change by genuinely connecting with others.

 What I most value about this book is that Pearce starts from leadership: focusing on what matters to each of us as leaders, taking responsibility (which he calls 'applying courage and discipline'), and consciously deciding to lead.  What is important to me about this approach is that, too often, leaders stride ahead and get into action, communicating widely, before they've worked out what kind of a leader they are, what they stand for, or what their key messages are.

Pearce also deals with the difficult questions of leadership communications: not over-promising, not committing to things over which we have no control.  He also argues that leadership messages must be "connected and complete" - the leader has to see, feel and believe in the messages she or he conveys, and their role is to enable the audience to see and feel the communication too.

In emotional intelligence terms, this is 'resonant' leadership: conveying messages that truly connect with their audience - requiring resilience at times, and facing up to the fact that sometimes people will disagree with, or not like our message.

The guidance Pearce offers in this book make great sense for emotionally-intelligent leaders: he talks about connection and creating a shared context as the basis for belief in the leader's competence, and trust in their integrity.

As well as the four general messages of leadership and connection, the book deals with specific situations, such as performance conversations - the bane of many leaders' lives.  He uses great stories to convey his points and offers useful advice on the way.

Bob was lucky enough to get his copy of the book signed by Terry Pearce when they met recently, and I'm genuinely looking forward to hearing from the author himself at our September Leadership Book Club 'book of the month' meeting.





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