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Inspire - by Lance Secretan

RInspireeviewed by Lisa Rossetti, Positive Lives

The bookshelves of learning and development professionals are undoubtedly well stocked with books on Leadership.  What then distinguishes Inspire from others in this burgeoning leadership development genre?  I feel the answer lies in the word authenticity.

The knowledge and genuine passion of the author are apparent on every page, and the book is full of valid evidence from Secretan’s experience of developing leaders in a wide variety of fields.

In the early chapters, Secretan investigates the difference between motivating people as distinct from inspiring people.  This is an important and fundamental distinction, explaining that motivational leaders operate on a fear-basis, whereas great leadership has always been about inspiring (and loving) others.

If you confess, like me, to being a bit desensitised these days to 'inspirational' language,  don’t be put off by the acronyms used in this book.  These are not glibly conceived so-called 'signature formulas'. Clearly based on Secretan’s years of experience of developing leaders in the real world, Why-Be-Do (or “Destiny, Character and Calling”) and the values-based CASTLE are robust guides to mapping out personal development and will be useful for structuring coaching explorations.

Inspire contains many case studies and examples that will interest and inspire leaders, managers, and coaches alike. Coaches will also find some real material to explore with clients, whether they are in leadership positions, aspiring leaders or a client wanting to discover their personal Why-Be-Do in life.

I personally found many golden nuggets in this book and powerful questions for my coaching practice. I particularly liked the concept of Old Story and New Story, highly relevant in these times of change and a useful one to explore with my clients.

Inspire is also a workbook for those who seek to transform their own leadership from the inside out.   Moreover, you do not need to be at the top of the corporate tree to be inspired to practice Higher Ground leadership in your own life.  I recommend adding Inspire to your bookshelf as a valuable resource for your leadership work.

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Secretan’s most recent book, The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch: Inspire Self.Inspire Others. Inspire the World, is currently available in UK as a Kindle edition. 






About the Reviewer:

Lisa Rossetti is a creative coach and coaching supervisor who delights in using stories and metaphor with clients.  She especially enjoys coaching young people on the threshold of their careers. She also works with biblo-therapy and creative writing for Wellbeing at Work. Lisa is a co-director with the social enterprise Impact EP, and a partner for the NHS initiative, Year of Health & Wellbeing.

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