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How to Change the World By John-Paul Flintoff, The School of Life

John-Paul Flintoff is known for his work at the Sunday Times, as feature writer and associate editor on the Financial Times magazine.  Over the years he’s interviewed a huge range of people, including Hollywood actors, rock stars, sportsmen, artists, politicians, financiers, Nobel-winning scientists, and philanthropists.  

He includes in this list “ordinary” people who have had extraordinary experiences and says that the “best thing about being a journalist is meeting people.”

We all want to live in a better world, but sometimes it feels that we lack the ability or influence to make a difference. 

I work with leaders, but sometimes they reject that word and don’t think of themselves in that way – even when they manage huge budgets, major projects and 10s or hundreds of people.

So I can understand when people feel that their individual actions don’t count.  John-Paul offers a powerful reminder that through the generations, society has been transformed by the actions of individuals who understood that if they didn’t like something, they could change it.

However, how to change the world is the challenge.  This book is – at first glance – a light read.  But really it’s a work book.  Something you can pick up and take something actionable away.  Exercises to practice to build confidence and insight.

Many of these exercises will be familiar to coaches – and this may be the book you want to give to your coaching clients to support them in between sessions.  It’s also suitable for future leaders, who need to see and feel the roadmap they need to create in order to fulfil their ambitions.

It may be the perfect present for that person in your life who's glass is often half-empty, because John-Paul's breezy, good-humoured writing style belies the seriouness of the tools he offers.

John-Paul combine insights from history, politics and modern culture – and his own experience.  This book gives a sense of what might just be possible, as well as the inspiration and courage people may need to go about improving and changing the world we live in.


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