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“Transformative HR” – John Boudreau & Ravin Jesuthasan

Transformative HR John Boudreau Ravin Jesuthasan


This is a book that ostensibly has a very clear mission: to champion the cause of evidence-based HR management. There is, however, a ‘sub-plot’ which relates to the need for HR professionals to be able to operate with their colleagues from other functions on a level playing field; one on which they can display the full spectrum of their talents.

The authors lead the reader through a well-argued thesis based on the assertion that the HR function is still evolving; from the personnel department to task-focussed HR, the function is now in the process of shifting its orbit around the centrality of human capital. These authors believe that the emphasis is on decision-making, with a far greater logic and analytical rigour than heretofore.

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“From Complexity to Simplicity” – Simon Collinson & Melvin Jay

 From Complexity to Simplicity Simon Collinson Melvin Jay

Okay: so let’s be clear from the start – Collinson and Jay have a consultancy to promote. Cunningly called The Simplicity Partnership, it provides business consulting to a range of impressive clients. All of which is fine, since their approach is something that I’ve been interested in for a while; hence my enthusiasm to review their book, which is targeted at all business managers and leaders.

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New Psychology of Leadership – the Identity, Influence and Power Haslam, Reicher, Platow (2011)

 New Psychology of Leadership the Identity Influence and Power S Alexander Haslam



Whether or not leadership is successful depends on context.

 Leadership is not a quality of leaders per se but rather of the relationship between leaders and followers.

Leadership is not just about existing social realities but also about the transformation of social reality.


 This book moves the discussion about leadership onwards, and the authors focus on our identification with the “we” and the associated notion of how we behave. In this respect, it draws from a classic psychological tenet of social identity theory.

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