Leadership Development Services

Practical skills for more effective leadership

In-person learning, live online and self-paced online learning methods to support your people to apply their leadership skills back in the workplace.

Prepare for leadership, change and transformation

Forton Group’s award-winning leadership development services are suitable for board development, change and transformation programmes, talent management, succession planning, employee engagement and team development.

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The Forton Leadership Routemap

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The Forton Group Approach to Leadership Development Services

Define leadership & management needs

Discover peoples' talents

Develop people

Support people to apply new skills

 Identify your high-level and strategic leadership needs
♦ Design evidence-based development programmes
♦ S
et key objectives
♦ Pinpoint return on investment (ROI) and impacts.

Leadership Surveys 

♦ Employee Engagement
♦ Impact of training, coaching and other interventions
♦ Return on Investment measures
♦ Readiness for change


♦ Define strategic leadership needs
♦ Plan leadership development programmes
♦ Achieve your desired culture


♦ Internal or external
♦ Qualitative/Quantitative


♦ Create an environment where people know what 'good' looks like
♦ Inspire people to take responsibility for developing themselves and others

Psychometric Tools

Select the right tools for the job

♦ Emotional Intelligence
♦ Leadership Profiling & 360o
Personality Profiling
♦ Team Profiling

Assessment Centres

Assess and develop people against a clear framework.

♦ Planning, decision-making
♦ Leadership, emotional intelligence, teamwork
♦ Oral presentation skills
♦ Observed leadership competencies
♦ Group and individual exercises

Culture and Values

For improved employee engagement, understand how people really feel. 
♦ Shared values & concerns
♦ Competencies and expectations
♦ Change & transformation

♦ Support people to prepare Personal Development Plans
♦ Train, coach and develop people

A systematic approach to leadership

Built better leadership based on a consistent programme, creating in-house leadership capabilities 

  • High performance behaviours
  • Emotionally-intelligence leadership styles
  • Leaders and managers who coach and mentor

Lunch-time learning to year long programmes

Choose from over 200 topics from bite-sized workshops to year-long programmes, bespoke or off-the-shelf.

Tailored to your needs, we can provide taster sessions and short programmes, and accredited qualification programmes.

Sample Programme:

Level 7 Post-Grad Certificate in Strategic Leadership

  • Understand the specific skills of leadership
  • Leadership Behaviours
  • Leadership Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change & Transformation
  • Employee Engagement

♦ Maintain skills application
♦ Promote a culture of success
♦ Encourage on-the-job learning to complement training and development

Coaching support

Build an in-house coaching culture, to underpin your leadership development

  • Manager as Coach
  • In-house coach training
  • Coach supervision
  • Coaching Masterclasses
  • 1-1 coaching services
  • Team & Group coaching

Action Learning

We work with groups and teams to support peer learning, based on real-world work situations.

Strategic projects

Talented people benefit from projects that stretch them, individually, and as part of a team.  We support clients to identify and deliver strategic projects.

 Forton's award  winning leadership training

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