Neil Camacho PCC

Neil Camacho

Neil "enjoys accompanying people so that, through transparency and creativity, they achieve a version of themselves with the happiness, quality of life and success that best suits them." To achieve this, he uses self-knowledge and recognition, through coaching and mentoring, to enhance leadership, innovation, teamwork and above all, "Ikigai" (life purpose). All within a DEIPJ framework (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice).

Some of the topics that he have more hours of experience are: optimization of interpersonal relationships, improvement of work and personal productivity, career development, optimization of communication and, leadership and teamwork. However, in his coaching sessions, any topic will be important, just because it's the client´s topic.

He has lived, studied, or worked for significant periods in Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Uruguay, Central America, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States of America.

Part of his professional time is invested in "pro bono" or voluntary work for organizations and people at an international level. One of his most important activities is CÍI LEADERSHIP (Conscious, Inspiring and Innovative), a program that is available on demand. Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA), Insight, Clown Esencial and Points of You, are other tools he uses.

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 Neil coaches in Spanish, Portuguese and English; facilitates and trains in Spanish and Portuguese

Specialist Areas

 Improvement of work and personal productivity, career development, communication optimization, leadership and teamwork, stress & anxiety and DEIJB

Corporate Experience

• MAIN SECTORS: Public, NGO and private
• PARTICULAR SECTORS: Shared services, banking, pharmaceutical, education and technology.
• PARTICULAR JOB ROLES: Coach, Facilitator, Researcher and Director
• KEY EMPLOYERS: Modern Health, Randstad RiseSmart, Going Global, INCAE Business School (18 years), European Business School and Takita Denki


2023 - Professional Recertified Coach (PCC, since 2020)
2016 to present - Member of International Coach Federation (ICF)
2022 - Mental Health Coach, Modern Health University
2019 - Executive Coach and Certified Success Coach, Success Unlimited Network
2019 – L3, Points of You
2002 – MBA, INCAE Business School
1995 - Industrial Engineer, University of Costa Rica