Identify potential and create a shared leadership culture

Consistent and reliable profiling

The Forton Group only recommends profiling and diagnostic tools based on research and real-world evidence. Enable people to focus on their easiest development areas and those most beneficial to their role and the organisation and - 

  • Raise peoples' self-awareness
  • Target your organisation's investment
  • Create a shared organisational culture
  • Develop people with potential  

Our recommended assessments at a glance:

Tools that are easy to understand and meaningful; enabling people to make an immediate difference in their role.

  • Leadership competences for behavioural change: my360plus 
  • Emotional intelligence assessment and development - EBW
  • Career development - COI
  • Personality type mapping - individuals and teams - TDI
  • Team and Leader development - for positivity and productivity - TLV
  • Culture change, reward and recognition - AQ

EBW - EQ Profiling

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Profiling tool: EBW

In leadership development, better team working and personal engagement with the world of work, emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a vital factor in success.  

The ability to choose and control our emotions.  To display empathy as we work with others.  When our relationships flourish, our productivity and personal performance increase.

Yet understanding the way the emotional brain works alongside our logical selves is not enough.  EQ profiling and skills development go hand in hand.   Emotional intelligence is develop-able.  It's not fixed for life. Our EQ tools will support you to develop your own EQ, the EQ of your leaders and managers, and the EQ of their teams.

Find Out More about emotional intelligence programmes with Forton

About the EBW Tool

The EBW is an accurate and reliable assessment of emotional intelligence in the workplace, based on 8 key factors. Read more here. Working with our qualified coaches, we'll help your leaders and managers make sense of their report, identify their strengths and development areas.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Develop EQ in leaders and teams

As well as identifying EQ strengths, developing emotional intelligence in your leaders will have the biggest positive effect on your people.

Our two-day programme 'Leading with Emotional Intelligence' is a practical, EQ skills development workshop that we can tailor to your needs.

Measuring impacts

We can help you measure the impact of your development.  One client outcome was independently measured by Gallup™, who discovered that leaders who had attended a 2-day Forton workshop were not only in the top employee engagement scores in the organisation, but that they maintained those high scores over time.

Leading with EQ linked to Gallup employee engagement scores

We can work with you to identify and measure the impacts of your investment in EQ.

My360 - Leader Profiling

High-performance leader profiling: my360plus

My360plus: a comprehensive multi-rater 360 diagnostic tool to support leadership development, which measures against the Schroder leadership and high-performance behaviours. Our approach is to keep things simple, make life easy and act in true partnership. This is achieved through our technology and our client support, which includes our unique peer feedback system.

Watch - Leadership & Coaching: two sides of the same coin

The my360plus difference: objective, powerful, affordable

Forton's my360plus combines objective effectiveness of traditional processes with the low-cost, labour-efficiency of the 360 feedback system.

watch the short Forton 360 leadership development video

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Meaningful coaching and a social tool for leadership development

Our proven, easy approach can help your people have great conversations about their development and performance.

  • Feedback reports gives tailored coaching comments and suggestions for development. 
  • Individuals manage their own progress and connect more effectively with their coach.  
  • Personal feedback is provided through coaches trained and accredited in my360plus.

my360plus allows users to share their development goal with their network to receive direct, focused feedback to support their ongoing development from their raters and peers.  Goals can be tracked as they are being achieved.

Get the best from your my360plus experience

We've created video guides to make the process of rating, understanding your reports and giving feedback to others simpler and easier, and you can find out more about the high performance leadership behaviours (HPBs)

TDI - Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling with Type Dynamics diagnostic tools

Why use Type Dynamics

You may be familiar with a product called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  TDI is a similar, updated and more accurate version of that.  The Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®) is the most up-to-date measure of Psychological Type. 

It captures the essence of Jung’s original thinking to provide a flexible yet penetrating assessment of a person’s personality. Underlying patterns are revealed by exploring the interaction of four dynamic preferences:

  • What attracts and energises us: Extraversion-Introversion;
  • How we see the world: Sensing-Intuition;
  • How we make decisions: Thinking-Feeling;
  • The way we manage the world around us: Judging-Perceiving.

New thinking about personality profiling

Personality isn't fixed.  It's develop-able and context-related.

As well as giving a sharp focus on the fundamental preferences, the TDI is designed to help people identify their most natural style.

This is based on the premise that a person may express their personality in different ways in different circumstances.

TDI offers "Is/Want" options - allowing respondents to rate their response according to how they see things today - and how they would like to develop tomorrow.

Use Type Dynamics assessments to:

  •     Develop your test-taking skills
  •     Find out more about your abilities
  •     Understand your learning style and how you can become a more effective learner
  •     Explore your personality preferences and how they relate to the world of work
  •     Find out about your interests and the kinds of work you may find appealing
  •     Find out what sort of work you may be best suited to

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Access the tools here:

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Team Profiling

Team Profiling

Create a baseline view of the team today and a map for on-going team developmentTeam Coach International Diagnostics Tool, used by the Forton Group

A group of integrated tools, the four diagnostic products are based on the same proven model. All simple and cost-effective in use.  Responses are combined and presented in reports that presents results in multiple graphic layers, each layer more detailed.   The diagnostics also include responses to customisable essay-style questions. Download the Team Coaching International flyer

The original team assessment:

The Team Diagnostic™, used with thousands of teams worldwide since 2005. The online diagnostics take about 20 minutes to complete. The process is anonymous.

  • A self-portrait of the team, drawn by the team
  • Proven model of team effectiveness
  • Unique view of the team
  • A map for team development

Team 360 View™

  • Unfiltered feedback to the target team
  • A candid picture of the team by those impacted the most

answers the question:

“What do stakeholders think about our performance?“

Organization View™

  • Broad view
  • The whole organization or representative sample
  • Measures the culture and productivity strengths that deliver results

Gives the leadership team invaluable information about the health and performance of the organization, and theirleadership of it

Team Leader View™

  • Team leaders assess their view of the team, and their own leadership
  • An excellent team leadership development too

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