High-performance leader profiling: my360plus

My360plus: a comprehensive multi-rater 360 diagnostic tool to support leadership development, which measures against the Schroder leadership and high-performance behaviours. Our approach is to keep things simple, make life easy and act in true partnership. This is achieved through our technology and our client support, which includes our unique peer feedback system.

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The my360plus difference: objective, powerful, affordable

Forton's my360plus combines objective effectiveness of traditional processes with the low-cost, labour-efficiency of the 360 feedback system.

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Meaningful coaching and a social tool for leadership development

Our proven, easy approach can help your people have great conversations about their development and performance.

  • Feedback reports gives tailored coaching comments and suggestions for development. 
  • Individuals manage their own progress and connect more effectively with their coach.  
  • Personal feedback is provided through coaches trained and accredited in my360plus.

my360plus allows users to share their development goal with their network to receive direct, focused feedback to support their ongoing development from their raters and peers.  Goals can be tracked as they are being achieved.

Get the best from your my360plus experience

We've created video guides to make the process of rating, understanding your reports and giving feedback to others simpler and easier, and you can find out more about the high performance leadership behaviours (HPBs)