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“Thank you for an excellent workshop yesterday. It met our needs perfectly. I think we now have a team of Lean champions who are all fired up with lots of ideas together with the enthusiasm and some of the tools to implement them.”

Dr Marian Malone,
Great Ormond Street Hospital

Lean Leadership

Adapt to the changing world

Waste strangles enterprise, creativity and innovation.  It stifles competence.  It kills confidence.

It's often such a slow and unrecognisable process that, by the time it is spotted, it can seem too late to change.

We help organisations spot the waste, perform more effectively, renew motivation and adapt to the changing world.

We work with leaders and their teams to develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Get the work done better by developing people and improving processes

Lean Leadership focuses on the value-add activities created by great leadership. 

  • It encourages waste elimination and supports active workforce engagement.
  • It generates significant cost reduction and focuses on what really matters to customers and stakeholders.

The Forton Group, working with our expert partners, combine proven leadership development strategies with Lean and Six Sigma tools.

We help organisations by addressing waste in processes and transactions
  • Improve business processes
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve profitability
  • Get closer to customers
  • Deliver on culture change
  • communications
  • customer interfaces
  • financial transactions
  • new product launches
  • sales and marketing
  • supply chain
  • traditional manufacturing

Forton Lean Leadership workshop participants

Our approach helps your staff understand the difference between managing processes and leading people, focusing on three people priorities - leadership, communications & employee engagement

Transform your culture immediately -

  • Achieve quick wins
  • Embed long term sustainability

Cut out -

  • Non-value-added steps
  • Inefficient processes

Understand -

  • The value of collecting data and process mapping
  • The link between Lean and Leadership
  • How to practice lean principles easily

Often the importance of the people who deliver is under-estimated; they can have a huge influence on process outputs.

For this reason, employee engagement, particularly at times of change, is one key to success.

It's about leading, and embedding, a culture of quality, learning and continuous improvement.

Effective change - that sticks

There’s no one single tool for effective sustainable change – it requires a systematic approach and consistent delivery.

It also requires real-world application.  Process improvement education can't be divorced from leadership development.

The Forton Group offers a mix of education, development tools and consulting services.  We enable organisations to get the best from change and process improvement programmes.

We look at how change is implemented, not just what is changed; we look at who the leaders need to be in order to get the best out of everyone.

For more about our leadership development approach here

Ignite Leadership Excellence

Leaders are under greater pressure than ever to deliver more for less, to get more out of their teams and achieve at their full potential.
Where better leadership and lasting transformation matters, we grow
• Confident leaders and managers
• Engaged and productive teams
• Positive cultural change that sticks

This download describes our highly successful foundation leadership workshop, Ignite.  Running since 2002, thousands of managers around the world have used it to mprove their leadership styles, their coaching skills and their communications.

"Ignite is still one of thebest courses I haveever done. It has madea huge change to myleadership style."
General Manager, Energy Sector

Download a description of our Ignite leadership development workshop

Lean Leadership Education Tools

  • Leadership and coaching skills training
  • Business simulation events
  • Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt education
  • Train the Trainer workshops
Lean Leadership Simulation Exercise

Who Would Benefit?

  • Business leaders who want to exceed stakeholder expectations
  • Managers responsible for process and performance improvement
  • People who want to improve teamwork, team problem solving and decision making skills

Our Lean Leadership workshops challenges current thinking and helps your people apply lean approaches.

Next Steps you can take

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 Download a description of our Ignite leadership development workshop