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Better leadership communications

...a thousand everyday conversations

We've all experienced 'presentation skills' classes to be told that "communications is a two-way process".  It's no longer true. In today's world communications happen constantly.  Everywhere.  And it's leaders who have the biggest impact.  

The number of channels of communication is very high - think of email, phone, the internet and social media alone

  • There are currently an estimated 5 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world
  • In 2008 there were a million registered users of Twitter - by 2011 that had risen to 200 million

That's an awful lot of conversations.  And they're happening very close to you, right now.  The challenge for leaders is to harness those conversations - not to compete with or try to control them. 

Get your message across

Traditionally we were taught to 'push' messages out.  Today people need to respond, to debate and get into action as a result of our words.  We work with individual leaders, Board Members, teams and groups to support their growth into this new world of leadership communications. Shape your key messages, really engage your audience.  Download the Dynamic Speaking Skills brochure

"I've never been so motivated"

Communications Director, Global organisation

“Excellent to work with. They were helpful, patient, understanding and offered very relaxed and invaluable advice from their own experiences. Their preparation and tips for filming helped remove my trepidation . They gave honest but very constructive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and most importantly I learnt a lot! 
N. Henry, Network Rail

Improve your presentation confidence

learn to present well in person or over the web

The difference between speakers who are really heard by their audiences is how they use their voice as an instrument.

The Dynamic Speaking Skills programme supports leaders to capture your audience’s attention through your voice

Demonstrate your authenticity, engagement and passion. 

This programme includes practical exercises that will help you connect, empathise and really engage with your audience -  whether you are leading a meeting, responding to a press conference, or giving a speech from the podium.

Available for 1-1 coaching, or in-house workshops.  Suitable for leaders and managers delivering presentations

Build your speaking confidence, and face meetings and presentations with ease. 

Get media ready

Forton's leadership communications services help you get media-ready

Forton's leadership communications services help you get media ready whether you're In front of a camera or -

  • Live audience
  • TV camera
  • Microphone

Or simply when you need to inspire and motivate others

“The course absolutely surpassed all my expectations! I can honestly say I found it transforming - it has made me challenge some of my own constraints, given me more confidence and enabled me to enjoy speaking in a way I would not have envisaged possible. ” 
T. Mitchell, Network Rail

Whatever your leadership communication needs, contact us to find out more

contact us at the Forton Group for more details about leadership communications services


Shape your leadership messages


Chair meetings with confidence.  Speak to an invisible audience across the world.  Retain your authenticity as a leader - regardless of the messages you deliver.  Be your authentic self, and committed to your message.

In this workshop, we show you how to shape your messages.  We work with you to have the impact you want. How to blend your personal leadership style with the official line - and retain credibility and authority.

If it's the written word you want to improve, we offer workshops to

  • Improve report writing
  • Be persuasive and effective
  • Get your arguments across
  • Make your recommendations stand out

Your audience will connect with the real you, with your messages and with your call to action.

Present your personal leadership brand

female leader presenting

Present your personal leadership brand and boost your career prospects. Enhance your credibility and make those sales.  When you walk into a meeting, a presentation, or a press conference, you're responsible for -

  • Your emotional control
  • Your vision
  • Your message
  • Your responses

Most importantly, you're responsible for handling the complexity of leadership communications. 

Listen to your audience  

Engage with them. Leave them feeling satisfied that their investment in you is worth it.  We work with you to uncover your personal brand: your values and authenticity as a leader.  How to project it with confidence.