Top performing teams outperform average ones by 42%*

Yet the solutions aren't just about performance; one key success factor is good leadership - and not just individual leaders - tapping into the strengths and resources of every team member is vital - with every team member buying in to shared success. Assuming equal technical skills and strengths, it's the intangible elements that make a team successful.

Get the best support for your team

  • Team-Coaching
  • Training in Team-Coaching
  • Action Learning - in-person and through live distance learning
  • Assessment & Development Centres
  • Team Development Programmes

*source Team Coach International

successful teams weather change

Successful teams weather change

Team success is vital at times of change.  Disruption is a huge burden, yet successful teams take change in their stride.  They change the culture. They make change stick.

Too many change programmes fail because they focus only on the systems and processes. They forget about better leadership and team buy in.

Team members need to

1. Understand the team vision

2. Take pride in what they deliver

3. Feel engaged, really care

4. Know everyone's strengths

5. Have a voice and the power to communicate

We can help your team understand their role and take change in their stride.  

the forton group difference

The Forton difference

Coaching for successful change require specialist skills and experience.  Our services improve team ownership, accountability and responsibility.  Customer relationships improve - often dramatically.  We equip your team and the team leader in leadership, coaching and communications skills.  Our programmes work with them together, and individually.  

3Ps: Performance, Pride and People skills

By working with teams in these three areas, clients report

  1. Higher performance
  2. Reduced friction and conflict
  3. Better communications
  4. Improved relationships

We equip every member of the team to step up, take responsibility and contribute.  This means better team cohesion and fewer HR issues.

the forton team coaching service supports your teams

Support your teams

Get to the bottom of poor performance.  Restore productivity and positivity.  Resolve the problems that cost you time, money and effort.  Whether that's sickness, absenteeism or higher staff turnover - as well as having to redo work or waste valuable resources.

We'll help you achieve -

  • Improved results
  • Control costs
  • Better use of resources
  • Improved team alignment

We offer -

  • Team Coaching
  • Action Learning
  • Assessment Centres
  • Team Development

We support your teams to deliver a successful future for your organisation.

Get the whole team-coaching picture from the Forton Group

Get the whole picture

We benchmark your team's performance against international standards; confirm the strengths and qualities they bring and clarify their strategic needs. 

We can identify the key factors that are holding your good teams back from achieving their best.  And help you create and implement successful improvement programmes that address your challenges.

We use the Team Diagnostic™ range of profiling tools, which includes a 360, individual leader and organisation-wide options and work with certified Team Coaches, who bring out the best in your teams.

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