1-1 and team coaching services

Leadership coaching improves staff performance, engagement and retention - for the whole team

Much more than developing the individual: effective leadership coaching takes the wider context into account and considers the culture, colleagues, and other stakeholders. It’s why a recent DDI report stated that professional coaching ranked 2nd (after instructor-led learning) as the most popular choice for developing leaders. 

Leadership coaching has positive benefits for delivering on the leader’s own high performance; developing better stakeholder, individual and team relationships; and the organization’s own wider purpose, vision and values.

For better leadership and management; for people and organisations.

What customers say

"Thanks a million. It went really well and they enjoyed the interaction."

The world of work has changed - leadership coaching can help

One to one and team coaching services

Addressing the sudden shifts in the workplace; swinging backwards and forwards between remote working and the transition back into the workplace; dealing with better leadership behaviours that include and develop every ounce of talent in your workforce.   

Coaching supports transitions generally, such as stepping into a new role, introducing change management programmes, improving employee engagement and supporting career development.  

    • Coaching leaders one to one supports them to manage people and projects, and enable the whole team to succeed.  This improves relationships, and reduces staff absenteeism and turnover. Discover Forton's international team of accredited coaches, who all have led teams themselves.
    • Team coaching supports the whole team to communicate, collaborate and deliver well together. Our team coaches are all trained in the complex challenge of coaching teams.

Accredited Coach Training Services

We also offer accredited coach training qualifications to build your in-house coaching programme and supervise the coaching team.

Coaching and supporting others to develop is a rewarding and fulfilling career path.  We specialise in coaching for better leadership and management, based on the world's first ICF accredited leadership-specific coach training programmes.

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Coaching and mentoring is often rated as one of the most useful interventions by the people being developed.

Public programmes, in-house and remote options available.

For leaders and managers who want to achieve coaching and mentoring qualifications.

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