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The value of cultural diversity

Here at the Forton Group, we see diversity as a strength and build upon it. Diversity, not only in cultural terms, but in our personalities, our learning and communications styles. 

Diversity in a team means that everyone contributes something fresh, new and unique to the potential success of the endeavour.

The challenge of working across cultures

Whether you're an exporter, or an inward investor, today's global market-place means that it's easier than ever before to expand into new regions and build international business. 

The challenge starts when even experienced staff land in new countries -
  • They experience different cultures and different ways of working
  • There are different attitudes to leadership and personal responsibility
  • People need to find ways work together better - removing barriers and building a team ethos
  • It's not just the language that's a hurdle -it's the nuances and cultural expectations that get in the way

All of these points trip-up the unwary - regardless of how much inter-cultural training your people received back home.

1-1 intercultural coaching heightens your peoples' awareness to the differences - and helps them build on our global commonalities too.  Coaching reduces the transition time - and the uncessary interference that gets in the way of them being effective, confident and productive.

We know how lonely it can be - and understand the challenge of creating meaningful relationships out of nothing.  Inter-cultural coaching speeds up social integration and reduces isolation - which impacts positively, both on your staff and their family members.

Coaching clients benefit from: Your organisation benefits through:  
  • Improved confidence, being better prepared
  • Greater awareness of key cultural realities
  • Easier working relationships with local staff
  • Improved return on your investment
  • Faster route to success
  • A more positive image in new territories
The Forton Group works across 4 continents

The Forton Group and its international partners offer inter-cultural coaching services, by fluent and mother-tongue coaching professionals with experience of working internationally.  We currently work across four continents.

The good news about inter-cultural coaching is that telephone and VOIP (e.g. skype), conferencing and video-conferencing facilities make it accessible, flexible and affordable.

How we work with you

Here at the Forton Group we can support you in a number of areas, working with our international partners.

Inter-cultural coaching happens in the vital transition time.  Typically intensively in the weeks leading up to the move and in the first 90 days in the new location.

We offer affordable support programmes for individuals, teams, and families. We work with you to identify key inter-cultural issues and co-create a plan for your people.

  • Prior to travel
  • Upon arrival

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Featured Inter-cultural Coaches

Anne Fanning Anne Fanning, Inter-cultural Coach
  • Business Psychologist and Coach
  • English, French and Spanish speaker

Forton Group founders Bob Hughes & Helen Caton-Hughes with Turkish partners DBE


Howard O'Donnell

Howard O'Donnell
  • English & French speaking Coach
  • Based in France
Forton Group Founders Bob Hughes and Helen Caton-Hughes with our Turkish partners, DBE
Bob Hughes with Italian Partners GSO Bob Hughes with our Italian Partners, Giuliano Graziedei and Gaia Corazza, GSO

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