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Frank Bowles MAC


Frank has been a professional coach for four years; he was one of the Forton Group’s first Coaching for Leadership programme graduates.

He helps people to develop leadership, bring leadership and empowerment into the workplace and to achieve balance in their lives. As a change agent and consultant he specialises in culture change and in changing behaviours.

His background is in IT, in the telecommunications industry, where in a career of over 20 years he has accrued substantial experience managing large development projects and as a lead technology consultant. In recent years he has worked in business transformation creating a new professional services business in the IT organisation of one of the UK’s largest companies.

What one of Frank’s clients says:

"Previously I procrastinated about making life-changes because I was caught in a trap of "paralysis by analysis". Frank started coaching me just at the point that I was seriously considering leaving my job of 12 years."

"I was frustrated with the lack of control in my life and could see no other way of making the fundamental changes. Frank gave me the boost that enabled me to break free of demons that were holding me back."

"This has been the first time in my life that I've had someone 'on my side' but more importantly, someone to talk to who doesn't have their own agenda; Frank has my agenda at heart."

"Quite literally I feel like a new person - but the new person is the real me and I'm so much happier. Within a few months I have changed job within the company, have more energy for work and more energy for my home-life. I'm achieving what I really want. My relationships with my partner and son are joyful and fulfilling..."

"And the tools Frank is arming me with are helping me with my other relationships and goals."

"I can't recommend Frank's coaching highly enough!"