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“Having recently undertaken the Ignite Leadership Coaching program, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to see tangible results in the way things get done at the workplace. The program has opened up a new dimension to the way I engage with leaders and managers. The coaching methodology presented was so simple and practical that it only accentuated my natural style of communication."

Sharon Deniz,
VP Talent Management at Tata Sky, India

Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ - a better predictor of success

Peoples' Emotional Intelligence (EQ - sometimes referred to as 'EI') is a more accurate predictor of success than their IQ. There's also a strong link between EQ and leadership.  Emotional Intelligence is associated with transformational leadership.

Great leaders access their own emotional intelligence and can use it to bring out the best in their teams.  EQ governs the quality of the decisions we make and the conversations we have, the presentations we make and, ultimately, the impact we have on people around us.

EQ can be learned and improved at any age, and benefits from regular practice

Old dogs may not be able to learn new tricks, but the human brain is constantly changing and learning. 

Known as 'neuro-plasticity', there's a strong evidence link in recent work in neuro-science, which shows how the brain responds when we learn -  and when we interact with others. 

This an open system, which means that we are impacted by, and we impact upon, the emotions of the people around us. We notice and can influence when -

  • The emotional tone is high or low
  • Conversations are oriented towards positivity or negativity
  • Actions are emotionally engaging - or emotionally charged

We will always have an impact - whether we choose to or not.  We support leaders to choose that impact consciously.

Leaders don't always need to be upbeat and positive

We can, and should, create a positive environment.  And genuine emotional engagement is almost more important when there is bad news to impart.  It's about becoming more aware of how others around us feel and tapping into that emotional connection. 

Emotional Intelligence training helps us develop the ability to                    
be a better leader
  • Be better leaders
  • Be aware of and manage our emotions
  • Improve our relationships
  • Be more effective at influencing people and teams
  • Coach others in raising their emotional intelligence

What we offer

EQ is, essentially, a social skill that can be developed throughout life.

Forton leadership development programmes introduce and develop the principles and basic practice needed for better EQ.

We take people on a journey starting with personal discovery, then travelling into the heart of EQ as a key leadership tool, through lecture, discussion, and practice. 

Four key steps Practical exercises include   
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management
  • Building emotional capacity
  • Emotional control
  • Resilience
  • Self-management

How we work with you

Using our tried and tested EQ methods, we design that meet high performing leadership behaviours and reflect your organisation's values.  Based with current issues and development needs, we tailor programmes to meet a range of situations that will benefit from better emotional intelligence.

Teams & Groups - workshops, short courses and longer modules Individuals - 1-1 coaching to build emotional intelligence
  • 'Leading with Emotional Intelligence' workshop accredited by the ICF
  • Adapted to your leadership development priorities.
  • Starting with a self-assessment
  • Working in a style and at a pace that suits the individual

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