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Career Coaching

Supporting you in your next career move, uncovering your personal strengths and interests and matching them to the marketplace, so that you achieve your next step

Career coaching will help you develop a vision for the life you want. It will explore what you enjoy doing at work and will identify the values that are important to you.

Whether you want to change your job, your direction or your employer, we review your transferable skills and experience, helping you apply them in the wider job marketplace

placement coaching

Enabling people struggling to get back into the workplace to get placed quickly; standing out from the crowd by sharpening up your CV, developing your networking and interview skills

Our coaches help you polish your CV to make you stand out from the competition and prepare you for those tricky interview questions

your career matters - coaching will help you

  • change direction, face a new challenge or step up your earning potential.
  • move up the career ladder and get more enjoyment from your work
  • manage the frustrations and stresses of your professional life better.
  • prepare for promotion: leave a positive legacy behind you and prepare for your next step up

Click here for a Case Study for one to one coaching in the NHS Top Talent Programme