Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

“CMI qualifications at QCF Level 7 portray practical skills and competences that are rated in academic terms as being comparable to Master’s Degrees, Integrated Master’s Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Postgraduate Certificates.”

For more details go to www.managers.org.uk


International Coach Federation (ICF) ACTP WEB

ICF credentials are globally recognised as meeting professional standards of applied coaching skills at three levels:

  • Associate Certified Coach achieved through 60+ hours training; 10 hours coach-mentoring; 100 logged coaching hours
  • Professional Certified Coach achieved through 120+ hours training; 10 hours coach-mentoring; 500 logged coaching hours; plus assessment of coaching
  • Master Certified Coach achieved through 200+ hours training; 10 hours coach-mentoring; 2500 logged coaching hours

Coaches are also expected to pass a Coach Knowledge Assessment

For more details go to https://coachfederation.org

The Forton Group accepts prior learning from other accrediting schools and bodies.  To apply using your prior learning as course credits, we will arrange a 1-1 conversation with a senior Faculty member and organise a tailored bridging programme.

We respect the full range of coaching qualifications available to people looking to build their coaching skills and notice that there are key differences in approach. 

Different coach training institutions are working towards different goals for their students, which may include:

  • Academic theories of coaching, management or leadership
  • Life coaching models
  • Re-branding other developmental/talking methodologies as ‘coaching’

Some institutions put a higher focus on coaching theory and models and less time spent on coaching practices; we recommend that potential students consider whether you are looking for:

  • Purely personal development
  • The opportunity to spend time exploring theories and models;
  • The level of professionalism to which they aspire;
  • The context within which they intend to apply their knowledge or skills.

The leadership and business focus of the Forton Group coach training programme may not suit every potential coach.  We are happy to recommend other ICF accredited programmes. 

Similarly, we welcome graduates from other coaching schools who wish to develop their professional skills in the areas of organisation and leadership coaching.

There is no single global standard of leadership education.  Each country has its own national standards.  It is the Forton Group’s aim to show how our development programmes are equivalent in each country.

For example: our Level 7 Post-Graduate Certificate Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Programme, and our Level 7 Post-Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership are equivalent to most countries’ ‘Post-Graduate Level Education’; it’s the title that’s different.

In Australia and New Zealand, these programmes equate to ‘Level 8’ Post-graduate education.

For details about how the leadership programmes offered by the Forton Group equate to post-graduate training in your country, contact