Leadership development essentials

A leader's life is hard; they need support. Whether it's increasing complexity, or volatility out in the big wide world.  Gone are the days of 'plan, do, review'.  The leader's workload has doubled, with delivery expected in half the time.  Our why it matters page has the stats.

Free your leaders from this burden.  Improve their practical leadership skills.  Help them put tools and techniques into practice - in the workplace.  Unlock the power of the team to dream, create and innovate.  Better leadership development means improved productivity and sustained employee engagement scores.  

Traditional investment in leadership development is expensive and wasteful; time-consuming and doesn't take the real world into account. People quickly forget what they've learned, because they don't apply the learning.  A different approach is needed: we offer better leadership development: pragmatic and affordable consulting, coaching and training services, and impact assessment.  Our development methods mean leaders value and apply their learning.

"Thank you for your excellent training programmes. I was not joking when I said that I have learned more in the ACTP programme I did with the Forton Group than in every other course I have ever done put together."                    L&D Head

Save the date: 

Our next UK Ignite leadership workshop is 19th & 20th July 2016 in Central England, close to major road, rail and airport connections. Email info@thefortongroup.com

Topics we offer

The Engaging Leader
Communicate results, pland and implement actions
♦ High performing behaviours
Leadership-specific development areas
♦ Lean Leadership
Uss lean and six sigma tools to lead change and improvement
♦ Leadership Communications
Connect with your people
♦ Lead with Emotional Intelligence
♦ Leadership Coaching Skills
♦ Lead through change & transformation


“I think the design of the course is excellent. A fantastic balance of observation, content and practice and the exercises are brilliant.”

Development Tools

♦ Assessments – personality and behavioural assessment tools
♦ Assessment & Development Centres
♦ Coaching – Team, group and individual coaching
♦ Consulting Services - Deliver better leadership development


Download this whitepaper on development options for high potential people


"Your ability to get the group working together is amazing, and your honest and open feedback truly constructive” 

Experience better learning

Participants in our programmes report quick wins in the workplace, dramatic successes and sustained skills application over time. Read this Postgraduate report from the University of Queensland.

Contact us - info@thefortongroup.com for open-workshop details or to organise in-house groups of six people or more.

  • Ignite Leadership Development Workshops
  • Lunchtime sessions
  • Self-paced distance learning
  • Group live learning - by phone, skype or computer platform


Tailor your programme

We regularly create tailored Leadership Essentials programmes for clients: each one a unique blend of live distance, self-paced and in-person learning adapted for your specific learning objectives.


Get in touch and we'll help you create your own package.


“Really can't fault it. The best example of how to integrate learning into doing, and theory into experience.”